Custom Photo Transfer to Video

Bring your memories back to life

     Your photos capture the times of your life. Many times the photos end up on shelves or are placed in boxes never to be opened for many years, and in many instances, never to be shared.

     Today, Family Video offers to not only transfer your photos but produce a wonderful video program including appropriate music. We transfer your photos to video including custom digitizing your photos, enhancing and retouching the photos bringing them back to life, and producing and arranging them in a sequenced time-line on video with copyright cleared music that is appropriate.*

     Whether for wedding rehearsal dinners or receptions, anniversaries documenting a long life together, Christmas gifts to parents from loving children, or for many other special occasions, our programs have delighted many customers as well as prolonged the life of photo memories.

     Available on DVD and VHS or DV, our most ordered package includes up to 75 photos, edited into a beautiful video program with copyright cleared music starting at only $295.   We offer other packages too.

*Our production library music has been purchased for presentation clearance.  Please note that this music is all instrumental and that no commercial music, such as music heard on broadcast or through other copyrighted means, is included in this offer.

Add Video or Audio!
    Have family video footage in either DV, Hi8 or DVD?   Have an audio clip?  We can add those too.  Please call us for a quote.  854-2999 or (800) 283-7686.**
    Quality work finished to performance standards, we deliver your personal program that you        and your family will cherish for years to come.  We also do individual high resolution photo reconstruction work.  Call us for a quote.
**Family Video is not responsible for any damage that may occur to personal tapes or DVDs.

(205) 854-2999  or  (800) 283-7686

Here's what you do to prepare for your program:
     Organize your photos in the sequence you desire numbering the back of each picture with that picture's number in the sequence.   Use a light pencil or ink mark making sure the mark does not go through the photo paper.
Is this program for a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary celebration or another wonderful event?  Please provide the event title as well as the people of honor such as the bride and groom, birthday person or anniversary couple with immediate children.
What type of music would you like?  We have an extensive copyright cleared music library.  Would you like Rock, Big Band, Easy Listening or another type?  Would you like the tempo varied to fit the sequence of photos?   Sorry, copyright laws prevent us from using copyrighted productions. 
Our $345 fee covers custom transferring up to 75 photos for video production.  We include in this fee a limited number of extensive photo repairs, however if a substantial amount of the photos need repair, we will call you with the price before we begin.  Or, if you wish, call us first for a quote on your individual requirements.  We are happy to bring back to life your photo memories.
Package your photos in a well padded, non bending mailer with your check or money order for $345.  You may also charge your purchase.  Call us (800) 283-7686 or (205) 854-2999.  Don't forget to insure your package and place a tracking order with your shipper.  These are your precious one-of-a-kind photos.  Protect them.
To add video or audio,  here is a guide to prepare your media.
   Prepare your video or audio tape by listing on a piece of paper the specific clip information by:
   If you are using tape, go to the beginning of the tape and zero the counter if it uses a counter.  Use the time code if that is available.  Then, list on your paper:
a.   name of the clip
b.   what tape or DVD is the clip on
c.   what is the counter number or time code number
d.   length of the clip
e.   write the ending sentence, or ending cue.
Adding video and/or audio will cost a little more.  Call us for a free quote.

(205) 854-2999    or    (800) 283-7686

Then mail to Jim Powell, Family Video, 92 Redstone Way, Birmingham, AL  35215
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for turnaround of your video.
You will receive:   A fully produced video program on VHS or DVD;  CD of your retouched photos in BMP format;  your photos;  shipped USPS Priority Mail (insured with tracking)
Family Video strives to produce the best programs possible for your expectations.  And, to some extent, we are flexible with your requirements.  If you have a project that requires more than the offer above, please call us (800) 283-7686.  We will be happy to give you a quote.
Limitations:  Family Video follows copyright guides as follows:  We are limited to:  (1) only photos that have no copyright mark and (2) copyright cleared music.  We will return your photos through USPS Priority Mail with insurance and tracking, however we are not responsible for lost or otherwise damaged photos either in transit to us or being returned to you. 

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